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April 28, 2020 – Aplex V.A. Limited (AVA) and Throne Legacy Capital (TLC), the world’s leading tech-driven investment management platform, recently shared about their established partnership, jointly-launched Global Wealth Fund (GWF) in a global live stream interview on zoom.

In addition to AVA chief executive officer Kyle Grandham and TLC chief executive officer Carl Ronny, other panellists for the global live stream interview included senior management members of TLC, such as marketing director David Liew, chief marketing officer Jay Wong, chief technology officer Jack Yau, and chief operating officer Allan Chang.

AVA and TLC recently established a strategic partnership to pursue their mission of growing the wealth of their investors, by generating stable long-term income, through a mutually beneficial environment, with a rich diversified selection of capital investment channels.

Carl stated that he wants TLC to be a multidimensional, multinational, and technologically integrated financial company, and he shared with us that his strategy is to be consolidated with more experts globally in different areas.

“AVA is another piece of the puzzle that we want to be incorporated and associated with. Due to AVA having the same vision as TLC in the long term, we consider this alliance a winning move, similar to our alliances in previous years that enable our investors to reap their rewards.”

Kyle stated that AVA is a financial management company that is licensed to operate in New Zealand with a Financial Service Provider (FSP) license. “We came from a team comprising of traders, fund managers, and stock brokers who have been around in the industry for years.

During the talks of this alliance, our private equity fund team has managed over USD75 million worth of funds around the world. TLC came into the light for the idea of an equity fund. Hence, AVA was setup to manage this (fund) and decided to officially launch now in the wake of hunting for the right opportunities with the right timing.”

Elaborating on AVA’s investment strategy, Kyle said, “Our rigorous and collaborative research, shared across our global research platform, allows us to generate our best investment ideas. The scope of our research means we can offer a wide range of investment outcomes. These include those aiming to significantly outperform a market, portfolios that invest to generate a premium level of income, responsible investing and smaller-companies’ strategies.”

“We believe that in-depth analysis of risks and opportunities, combined with active engagement with company management, enhances risk-adjusted returns. Risk management can be view as something you can feel in the finance world but cannot touch. As risk is not defined and only confined to the performance of the market, it is much larger than that and obviously a lot of areas that we need to cover before we make the decision to invest.”

Kyle added that this alliance has opened up a lot of market growth in Asia for the company, as its clients mostly come from New Zealand, Australian, and European markets. “The 20th century should be the Asian century. We would also like to position ourselves when this happens because that will give us a lot of leverage to become an international company. TLC has a very profitable and good forex management fund, which has captured our attention. That was the first contact we had with TLC. Since then, we have managed to come up with our first equity fund product together, which is the Global Wealth Fund (GWF). We will take this opportunity to prove our value to this alliance and make our journey a great success, not only to TLC, but also to our mutual members together.”

Carl elaborated, “The Global Wealth Fund (GWF), which was launched earlier this month, is a step to promote and upgrade our company to another dimension. We are constantly in the search for better life, better relationships, and better financial goals. 

Better financial goals make up of good diversification, risk management, and long-term stability. GWF is a brainchild combination from TLC and AVA experts. The structure of this fund is designed to have a good split of growth and risk; hence it was split into two portions. 

The first portion will benefit from our TLC forex hedging account. The second portion will be invested by experts from AVA. 

With the current market condition, I believe that the introduction of this GWF equity fund product comes at the right timing.”

On a separate note, responding to a question on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on TLC and its members, Carl commented that there is mayhem on financial markets, a global economic malaise, and a surfeit of misinformation. The US benchmark is around 17% below its February record, but the median stock trades 28% from its peak. The five largest companies make up 20% of the gauge’s market capitalisation, exceeding the 18% level the measure reached in March 2000, raising investor concerns about narrow market scope.

The virus has done much damage to the global economy, with businesses shutting down, the collapse of the stock market, the collapse of oil prices, and others. Aviation, hospitality, and conventional businesses have also suffered drastically. “In TLC, we always strive to do the extraordinary, which is to outperform everyone during good and bad times. We are still recording profit growth for our investors during these turbulent times, even though the lockdown has affected our standard business operations. We have found a way to work from home, to get back on our feet, and are still committed to provide to our company staff and our investors.”

Carl added, “Clearly for now we have yet to find the vaccine for Covid-19 and we wouldn’t be sure how long this situation will last. I would remind all TLC family members to be resilient during these tough times, hold hands, walk with us side-by-side, and we will go through this together.”

In conclusion, the partnership between AVA and TLC is expected to bring great benefits, not just to both organisations, but also to their investors and clients, as the resulting synergy will provide a more robust investment environment with their combined expertise in wealth management and investment.

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