17th April 2020 – AVA has entered into a strategic alliance with Throne Legacy Capital (TLC) to jointly develop and deliver rewarding wealth management solutions to investors. 

TLC is one of the world’s leading tech-driven forex trading platforms. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Hong Kong, the company was established by finance professionals and forex experts. Through its outstanding performance in forex trading, TLC is committed to creating infinite opportunities for clients in gaining long-term profits.

The partnership has seen the launch of Global Wealth Fund (GWF), jointly developed and released by both companies. GWF is an innovative fund model promoting financial model reform, which gives the general public easier and safer access to financial markets.

In addition, innovative plans aiming to provide wider and more diversified wealth management solutions to investors are in the pipeline, which are set to roll out throughout the year in stages.

We will work closely with TLC while integrating the resources of both companies in order to introduce a wider range of safer and more profitable investment solutions to the market.

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