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Wealth Management

What are your life goals? You may be protecting your loved ones, growing your family and business, preparing for retirement, or passing on your wealth to the next generation. Protecting your loved ones is about ensuring that they have adequate care while your wealth is preserved. Growing your family and business is about looking at the big picture, where is your wealth right now, and what it might be. It’s never too early to plan for your future.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be well equipped for the challenges ahead. Although it is hard to know what skills or how much wealth they will need, you need to ensure that they will have the best chance of success. Well managed wealth can lead to a brighter future for your investments, your business, and your family.

By understanding your needs, wants, and concerns, we can develop a plan that can maintain and increase your wealth. With access to various investment channels, such as foreign exchange funds, unit trusts, cryptocurrencies, and commodities trading, you will have a wide range of investment choices that suits your reward and risk appetite. We can guide you through the opportunities and challenges you face at whatever stage of life you’re at. As we review and update your goals and financial portfolio, we help you to stay on track with your plan to meet your goals.

Therefore, let us, Aplex V.A. Limited, become your partner that can guide your financial decisions in years to come.

Foreign exchange is about the trading of one currency for another. The forex market is the most liquid and largest market in the world.
A unit trust is an unincorporated mutual fund structure that allows funds to hold assets and provide profits that go straight to individual unit owners instead of reinvesting them back into the fund.
A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. A defining feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are generally not issued by any central authority, rendering them theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.
A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other goods of the same type. Commodities are most often used as inputs in the production of other goods or services. Investors and traders can buy and sell commodities directly in the spot market or via derivatives such as futures and options.
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Management Consulting

As a business leader, you may face a wide range of political, economic, social, and technological challenges in the external environment. Some factors, which include government regulations, legal issues, interest rates, credit availability, demographics, attitude towards work, and new technologies, affect your business operation. By navigating through these challenges, your business can become future-proof and sustainable.

By achieving excellence in various areas, such as strategy, marketing, operations, information technology, sustainability, and corporate finance, you can create value for your business and lead it to its full potential. As you reach out to your customers, improve your business operations, support your enterprise with technology, develop a sustainability strategy, and integrate various functional strategies together, you can develop a business that is oriented towards growth, customers, effectiveness, efficiency, the economy, society, environment, stakeholders, and transformation.

Our clients are visionary leaders that want their businesses to be competitive, innovative, and sustainable. We deliver integrated solutions that address challenges posed by external and internal factors, so that they can improve productivity, remain relevant in an evolving environment, and generate growth for their businesses.

Therefore, let us, Aplex V.A. Limited, become your partner that can guide your management decisions in years to come.

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Capital Advisory

Do you need to raise capital to turn your ideas and projects into reality? You may need capital advisory services if you do. To fund your operations, there are two types of capital you can use, which are debt financing and equity capital. Debt financing are loans that are payable at a later date, but it comes with the burden of interest, which must be paid to lenders regardless of business performance. Equity capital is generated by selling shares of company stock, but this dilutes ownership, while giving you the duty of serving your shareholders, ensuring profitability, maintaining an elevated stock valuation, and paying any expected dividends.

By making informed decisions, you can maximise shareholder value. Short and long-term financial planning, short-term financial management, and capital financing can help you to achieve your business goals. We can help by doing impartial comprehensive assessments of your business’s standing in the capital markets, including your management, strategy, performance, and finance. We can also make comparisons between your business and your peers, and analyse the ownership of your business.

With a clear understanding of the financial state of your business, you can make informed strategic decisions and strengthen your relationship with shareholders and potential investors. With our experience in raising capital across a wide range of capital platforms for clients from various industries, we can help you to raise capital to turn your ideas and projects into reality. 

Therefore, let us, Aplex V.A. Limited, become your partner that can guide your capital finance decisions and grow your business in years to come

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Risk Advisory

You face a wide range of opportunities, challenges, visions, and realities for your business. Its survival is affected by operational, regulatory, strategic, and cyber risks. Such risks include the toil of daily business, increased competitiveness, shifting environmental landscapes, times of unexpected change, cyber-attacks, and sabotage. However, it is hard to predict when you will face these challenges as you work towards achieving your goals. It is also hard to predict the value that you will create, protect, enhance, or destroy when you execute your strategies.

Preparing and mitigating these imminent threats and obstacles will enhance the value of your business operations. We help our clients to manage their business risks through the study of their partners, competitors, corporate governance, legislation, strategies, and technologies. By identifying, predicting, resolving, and reducing the impact of threats and obstacles, you will be able to enhance the value of your business operations. By understanding your strategies, operations, risks, controls, policies, and procedures, we can customise solutions for your organisation.

Therefore, let us, Aplex V.A. Limited, become your partner that will watch your back and keep your business secure in  years to come

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