Forex Fund Management

Throne Legacy Capital (TLC)

TLC was established in 2019 with its headquarters in Hong Kong. It was created jointly by financial professionals and foreign exchange experts. It is now a well-known global foreign exchange management platform. Its investors gain opportunities for consistent profits. 

Its business activities include foreign exchange investment, capital investment consulting, and investment management.

With high-quality service that is people-oriented and managed with integrity, TLC provides users with comprehensive support, is highly favoured by investors, and is recognised by its partners. In 2019, it won the Excellent Service Quality Award from the Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Alliance (AEEF). 

In the same year, it also became a member company of the IBH Investment Bank, enhancing its foreign exchange trading and risk management mechanisms, and implementing rigorous and high-standard management processes to ensure that client funds are managed in a manner that is safe and sound.

Its foreign exchange insurance and stability plan was created by 49 investors, analysts, risk management experts, and software programmers. It combines the strengths of various companies and sophisticated intelligent systems, in line with principles of safe and transparent transactions. In the rapidly changing foreign exchange market, investors can avoid risks and make stable profits.

In 2020, TLC and Aplex VA Limited announced formally merger and acquisition, further expanding their global capital footprint and combining the strong strength of both parties to upgrade services, such as wealth management, management consulting, capital consulting, and risk consulting comprehensively.

TLC's excellent trading team

TLC, which merged with Aplex VA in May 2020, is responsible for the development of operations for the Foreign Exchange Fund Management. With its excellent trading performance, the TLC trading team is not only trusted by investors, but is also established in its professional position in the Forex market. It attributes its success factors to its self-developed Expert Advisory Strategy System and its experienced trading experts.

Over the past decades, the trading team has generated an average monthly return of 12% to 30%, making the company a well-known brand. In addition, through strategic positioning and technological enhancements, TLC has care developed diversified investment plans to give investors more choices for asset allocation.

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