Hello everyone. I’m Kyle Grandham, CEO of Aplex V.A. Limited. As the year is about to end, I hope all of you have achieved what you wanted for the year. I’m going to go right into the point
as I have loads of updates about AVA and TLC’s M&A process.

Following the M&A initiation of AVA and TLC on 8th June 2020, the companies have just recently completed Stage 1 of the M&A process – asset integration. While all of us wanted the M&A process to be completed as soon as we can, we faced many obstacles and challenges like the pandemic, complexity of meeting compliances and requirements for different countries, and complication of asset consolidations, causing the M&A process to fall behind schedule by 2 to 3 months. But despite all the hurdles, we managed to complete the first stage on 30th November 2020.

We have since then entered Stage 2, the restructuring of the group. Depending on the future state of affairs, we can expect the second stage to finish in 6 to 12 months. The restructure will involve the hierarchy of management, our strategic planning on global development, overlapped businesses, group resources, and so on. The restructuring will allow us to simplify our organization and cut down overall operating expenses, which can be helpful for us to fight through the hardship we face under this pandemic.

During the restructuring, the biggest change will be made towards TLC’s former HQ. After careful consideration and review from many angles, including cost-effectiveness and our market allocation, we have decided not to renew the expired tenancy for TLC’s Asia Regional Office in Hong Kong, as the location is no ideal to our future development. We are currently looking for another city that can meet our latest development planning as a strategic location to situate our new Asian Regional Office. Locations such as Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam are within the company’s radar.

Besides the Asia Regional Office, the company is also looking to move one of our backend operations in Malaysia back to our HQ in New Zealand. 

For the year 2021, the company will focus its development direction more on the continuous growth of the current market, explore new alternative investment in the wealth management field, and dedicate even more resources to explore potentials
on the blockchain-related field. 

While our collaboration wit was announced in August this year, we actually started cooperation and investment in PunkPanda in 2019. The group is very pleased with the progress on PunkPanda’s development. Kudos to the PunkPanda team for continuously meeting their progress and projected milestone. We are faithful that PunkPanda will be a fruitful investment for the company, and as such, we would like to share this extraordinary investment with our members by giving out ECC as complimentary when the members subscribe to our magnificent package deal.

Following the boom in the blockchain market and community in recent years, the company plans to inject even more investment into the blockchain technology. We have been in deep collaboration with a tech-based company to jointly develop an exchange and blockchain company. Our initial plan was to launch the exchange and related products in the first quarter of 2021, but we were faced with some challenges in our liquidity channel. Despite the challenges, we are still aiming to prelaunch the exchange by the end of this month. This shall serve as the long-term solution to the issues.

Overall, 2020 was a fruitful year for both the company and our investors, thanks to all of our hardworking members. In case you don’t know it yet, we currently are offering the limited promotional package Mega Gain for investors. The offer was supposed to end by the end of December 2020, but we have extended the due date to 31st January 2021, so I urge all members to grab it before it’s gone and aim to achieve for the best results in our GT Sales Challenge Grand Finale. 

As a wise man once said – The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today, we should all start our preparation now and gain a powerful head start for the year 2021.
Thank you.


Kyle Grandham,

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