Aplex VA Partners Punkpanda in Development of World’s First Military-Grade Encrypted Communication Application

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Aplex VA Partners Punkpanda in Development of World's First Military-Grade Encrypted Communication Application

19th August 2020 – Aplex VA Limited and PunkPanda held a signing ceremony today to establish a strategic partnership. The ceremony was graced by distinguished representatives from Aplex VA, PunkPanda, and EC Algorithm (ECA). Aplex VA was represented by AVA CEO Kyle Grandham, COO Carl Ronny, Limestone CEO Vladimir Lem, IBH Investment Bank financial advisor Dato’ Howard Choo, regional CSO David Liew, regional CMO Jayden Wong, and regional CTO Jack Yow. PunkPanda was represented by co-founder Staale Fossberg, co-founder Fahim Sadar, CMO Afshin E. Rifat, CTO Chris Cotton, and CISO Marc Weintraub. Co-founder Matthew Connelly represented ECA at the event.

PunkPanda is the only military-grade encrypted communication application on the market built on blockchain technology. It provides solutions in enhancing cybersecurity systems in business communications. This solution incorporates strong encryption, anti-fraud, and anti-cybertheft technology, while complying with internationally recognised government and certification standards.

It becomes close to impossible to hide fraudulent actions in businesses when information is stored securely in a decentralised manner. Businesses would not only save on costs and gain benefits from better technology, but would also reduce inherent and system risks that would compromise the sustainability of their operations and existence by adopting stronger secure communications cybersecurity solutions.

The PunkPanda ecosystem uses ECC as its payment solution. ECC, a listed digital asset, has an innovative algorithm (ECA) that rewards users according to promotion and usage strength.

Fossberg said, “We are delighted to be working with AVA in creating great things. We firmly believe that technology exists to improve society and our lives. PunkPanda is a great leap in network communications with enhanced security and functionality. It opens up other possibilities in the world of network communications. We will work with AVA to create the next “military-grade communication software” that people will love to use on their mobile phones. Thank you once again for your support towards PunkPanda. We will definitely live up to your expectations, so stay tuned!”

Connelly said, “AVA is ECA’s biggest private placement investor. After gaining a deeper understanding into AVA’s background, we learnt that it is a prestigious, far-sighted and fast-growing company in the financial industry. AVA and ECA have one thing in common, which is constant pursuit of breakthroughs and innovations, creating new models, and bring about changes to this era of technology. PunkPanda is indispensable to the cyberworld. We look forward to carry through this mission together with AVA and protect communications security for everyone. With the global penetration of PunkPanda, ECC’s value will show explosive growth. Everyone present today will be the biggest winner.”

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